Asset Management

Contracting for annual pipeline or storage capacity necessary to provide firm service for a peak day or variable need typically results in underutilized assets for significant periods of time. Utilizing assets during dormant times can create value and effectively lower overall costs. From wellhead to burner tip, Summit Energy can help its clients navigate complex natural gas markets.

Summit Energy’s asset managers have the market knowledge and expertise to help you maximize the value of your assets and provide the security and flexibility to meet your operational needs. In short, we make our clients’ natural gas, pipeline and storage assets work harder.

Every Summit Energy customer has its own unique set of operational needs and assets which demand strategies to optimize their specific assets.

We offer strategies to:

  • Manage inventory and peaking services with reasonable terms
  • Arbitrage, hedging, options, futures contracts and alternative fuel strategies to maximize assets and minimize risks
  • Streamline administrative costs associated with managing the assets
  • Tailored bundled services that enhance the flexibility of your assets
  • Create synergies and economies of scale with other assets and markets to generate and optimize value for underutilized natural gas assets