Natural Gas Sales

Summit Energy sells wellhead natural gas to end users throughout the Western United States. Our markets include commercial, industrial and residential end users, municipalities, utilities, and wholesale markets. Our focus is on providing end-users with a dependable supply at a competitive price. Contact us to inquire about our competitive rates.

Summit Energy simplifies the complicated world of unbundled natural gas supply by providing detailed cost analysis to our customers. We provide the knowledge that allow our customers to make informed decisions when managing their energy needs. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, our goal is to help save you money in today’s ever changing energy marketplace.

summit-infographicWe realize your busy schedule doesn’t always allow you to track changes in the natural gas industry that can affect your bottom line. We provide customers with cost analysis on an annual, quarterly, and even monthly basis, to show how their natural gas costs are trending. The upstream relationships we have built with suppliers allows us to not only meet your current energy needs, but provide confidence that a reliable process will always be in place to handle the changing needs of your business.

In addition to natural gas sales, we also offer Asset Management and Risk Management services to help consumers take greater control of their energy costs.

We are always here to share our knowledge and answer any questions. Our dedicated staff is always available to our customers.

Summit Energy provides Natural Gas to municipal power plant that is 97% cleaner than the generator it replaced.